Andrew W.K. Offers to Pay Fan's Speeding Ticket

Enjoying music while driving can be a safety hazard: whether you're singing your heart our, air drumming or just plain speeding, most of us have gotten carried away when our favorite song comes on.

Hopefully when this happens you don't get pulled over or worse, but one Andrew W.K. fan from the U.K. wasn't so lucky when "Music Is Worth Living For" came on his radio.

"Casually driving down the M4 and Andrew W.K.'s new song comes on @DanielPCarter @Radio1RockShow and now I have a speeding ticket," Luke Mitchell wrote in a Tweet. "Totally worth it."


While the £100 (or about $138) fine didn't seem to bother Mitchell, Andrew W.K. felt responsible for making the song and asked the fan to please let him help.

"LUKE: I would like to pay this speeding ticket for you. I was responsible for the sonic party power that caused you to speed.

I'll Direct Message you now to get your information. Please let me do this for you."

Even the Thames Valley Police, which issued the traffic violation also chimed in, urging Mitchell, Andrew W.K. and all motorists to "party on (responsibly)."

But the best part of the whole thing is that Mitchell says he actually declined Andrew W.K.'s offer to pay for his ticket. 

Mitchell said while he wouldn't accept Andrew W.K. offer to pay his fine, the rocker agreed to donate the £100 to charity in exchange for getting Mitchell tickets to a show this coming April!

Social media (and philanthropy) gold stars for everyone!

Andrew W.K.'s new album, You're Not Alone, is due out March 2. Get more information on it here. 

Photo: Getty Images


Listen to "Music Is Worth Living For" below, and please always wear a seatbelt.



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