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MTV Launches A Classic Channel, And I Am So Excited!

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Most Expensive Youtuber Houses... INSANE

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WATCH: The Jager Challenge

...For those who can still handle Jager, the challenge is in your hands now!
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Guy Shoots Himself In The Face For A Music Video

NSFW, Never Safe For Work, Why is this real?   
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The Wonder Woman Trailer Is HERE!

All I'm saying, is this MIGHT be our sexiest superhero EVER!  
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The Moth & The Flame In The ALT 106.3 Lounge!

Thanks to The Moth & The Flame for coming to hang out with us at ALT 106.3 this week! Not only was the performance great, but these guys are super awesome to hang out with too! Check out the...
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A Japanese Love Hotel... Is As Creepy As It Sounds.

Yes, this is as creepy and weird as it sounds like it would be.
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10 Simple Vinegar Life Hacks To Try At Home!

I normally don't like vinegar, but these hacks are awesome!
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Fun On A Jetski With Jordan!

Good Morning Tuesday!
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Don't Watch This Jump!

I don't care what you say, this video made my skin crawl! Look at the size of the ledge! Look at the height of the building! Nope! NOPE. 
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