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Weatherman Fired For Using Fart Noises

I don't think this guy should of been fired. Then again, his bosses probably aren't laughing as hard as I am at this hahahahahaha
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STUDY: Beer Could Help You Lose Weight

Drink up! A new study suggests beer can help you lose weight! image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images In  the new study , researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) looked at...
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Woman arrested for taking a dump on boss’ desk after winning the lottery!

{ "position1" : { "type" : "track", "id" : 24793823, "name" : "Take This Job & Shove It", "description" : "The Outlaw", "artist" : "Johnny Paycheck", "artistid" : "6587" } } A...
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Woman BEATS Dude to the Ground after He Gropes Her in Elevator

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Homemade Hoverbike!

Video:  YouTube Technology! Someone made a hover bike to restore our faith in humanity. We need to try one of these out! Watch the video above!
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University Tells Would-Be Cheerleaders How to Look

( NEWSER ) – Newsflash: Cheerleaders should not sport ponytails. This according to a now-pulled infographic posted to Facebook by the University of Washington cheerleading...
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Train gets hit by Tornado. Engineers capture everything

So dispatch told these guys to stop their train RIGHT IN THE PATH of a Tornado. These good old boys captured all of it on their phone. Pretty amazing stuff.
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Guys Reading Mean Tweets to Female Sports Reporters

This is disgusting.  I already know that 80% of everything on the internet is negative & I've gotten my fair share of hateful things said about me online, but NOTHING like this....
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WATCH: Hot Wheels Beach Track

Hot Wheels were my childhood!  So many hours spent building tracks and causing my parents misery when they would step on the cars I left out hahaha.  This guy makes an epic beach track,...
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Man Reportedly Shows Up Drunk for Job Interview at Cab Company

It's not the best first impression. A Des Moines man was arrested Monday after allegedly driving himself to a job interview drunk and hitting some cars in the parking lot. An employee at...
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